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Friday, September 2, 2011


Random title. It just came in to my mind for no reason when I was about to blog. lol
Anyway, I'm back from my 5D4N Hatyai + Penang trip, zomgbbq this trip so fun even I've gain so much weight.
The main reason we went down to Haytai was to go shopping and yes I did bought quite an amount of stuff from their local department store from clothings to makeup to skincare.
Was not really into clothes hunting for some reason so I got a lot of make up stuff from there cos Loreal n Maybelline are so damn cheap. Im so excited to try them!
And also FOOD hunting! Especially Penang, omg I ate like a monster.
I think Im going to blog them one by one.
Still got a lot of pictures to resize and edit the lighting so no photos for now.
Im still thinking should I upload to FB or just upload a lil here cause I hve got ard 200 pcs pics to upload =(((
So yea. Lemme finish editing and I will update here more.

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