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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fashiolista Love!

Have been playing with Fashiolista for some time now. It's a site where people shares pretty fashion statement, share the style you like and everything about fashion and beauty. In this site, I have a lot of passion in finding gorgeous shoes, from heels, to ballerina flats to sandals. What awesome about this site is that they will have this LOVE button appears on your bar so when you are browsing through some online shopping site and you found something u like, you can jus click on the LOVE button and it will directly send it to the Fashiolista site, which is awesome. So, below are the things that I found from the site which I love :

Pretty awesome shoes ehy? Im really in to Fashiolista now. :)



Im so un-inspired to update my blog, it's so DEAD.
Or should I say I have been so dead to all the network social site, lack of updates on Twitter, Facebook and Blogger.
Not sure what's going on with me but I guess networking social site is really not my thing, I don't really like to update any status on Facebook, only once in awhile on Twitter.
But hopefully, now I will have my mojo back and back to the network social site and socialize with my friends and all.
I will try to update more picture, status and thoughts going on in my mind.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shoes Addict!

Something came into my mind and here I go blogging about my collective shoe haul.
Im a shoe addict. I love to buy shoes (heels, flats,boots, etc).
I don't really know how many pairs of shoes do I own, and now I dun even have enough space for them anymore.
But I just cant stop looking and them and own them.
Collective haul for the past 2 months.
I do not have a certain style if you asked.
I love Heels the most, but just so you know wearing heels in my height do makes me look like a giant (fyi, I do not wear kitten heels, most of my heels are more than 3 inch and above). and sometimes, wearing heels and walking in a super big malls or walking down to streets, that kills! I kinda salute those girls who can walk in their heels in the malls like whole day long but of course I do saw a bunch of girls suffered too!
To college, most of the time I will be wearing either my FitFlops, sandals or flats. I dont normally wear heels to class unless theres is something going on that day. Therefore, I invested a lot on flats, sandals and ballet pumps.
As you can see from the above picture, there are the shoes that I've bought for the past 2 months(I know some of you may ask do I have so many foots or m i a caterpillar?)
Hey, Shoes are girls BFF!
But actually, all the shoes that I bought, not all are worn or some I even forgot about it! lol
Anyway, I think that nothing gonna stop me from owning more shoes and also I've to think of a way to keep my shoes or else my mum will nag me again.lol


Friday, September 2, 2011


Random title. It just came in to my mind for no reason when I was about to blog. lol
Anyway, I'm back from my 5D4N Hatyai + Penang trip, zomgbbq this trip so fun even I've gain so much weight.
The main reason we went down to Haytai was to go shopping and yes I did bought quite an amount of stuff from their local department store from clothings to makeup to skincare.
Was not really into clothes hunting for some reason so I got a lot of make up stuff from there cos Loreal n Maybelline are so damn cheap. Im so excited to try them!
And also FOOD hunting! Especially Penang, omg I ate like a monster.
I think Im going to blog them one by one.
Still got a lot of pictures to resize and edit the lighting so no photos for now.
Im still thinking should I upload to FB or just upload a lil here cause I hve got ard 200 pcs pics to upload =(((
So yea. Lemme finish editing and I will update here more.

Friday, August 19, 2011


OMGOMG! neglected my blog for quite awhile already. Im so sorry. ><
I was having my final for the last few weeks so I didnt have got the time to update here.
But now, Im back to here cos Imma having semester break. Woohoo!!
I promise I will update more frequently by now till my new semester start.
Can't wait for my familu trip to Thailand on Raya!
Stay tune.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Having a massive headache right now which I dunno why.
I always have this problem which I get headache very often. Hopefully it's not serious.
I feel like blogging but my brain doesn't allow me to function.
I guess I will have to update tmr or soon.
Hoping the headache can leave me now!! *finger crossed*

Lastly, a camwhore pic of mine. lol


Monday, July 18, 2011


sorry that im typing chinese in this post. =)


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Should I?

Im thinking of starting a small online business on jewelry line.
If those above are some that I might be selling in my business, will you be interested?
Give me some opinion!