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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shoes Addict!

Something came into my mind and here I go blogging about my collective shoe haul.
Im a shoe addict. I love to buy shoes (heels, flats,boots, etc).
I don't really know how many pairs of shoes do I own, and now I dun even have enough space for them anymore.
But I just cant stop looking and them and own them.
Collective haul for the past 2 months.
I do not have a certain style if you asked.
I love Heels the most, but just so you know wearing heels in my height do makes me look like a giant (fyi, I do not wear kitten heels, most of my heels are more than 3 inch and above). and sometimes, wearing heels and walking in a super big malls or walking down to streets, that kills! I kinda salute those girls who can walk in their heels in the malls like whole day long but of course I do saw a bunch of girls suffered too!
To college, most of the time I will be wearing either my FitFlops, sandals or flats. I dont normally wear heels to class unless theres is something going on that day. Therefore, I invested a lot on flats, sandals and ballet pumps.
As you can see from the above picture, there are the shoes that I've bought for the past 2 months(I know some of you may ask do I have so many foots or m i a caterpillar?)
Hey, Shoes are girls BFF!
But actually, all the shoes that I bought, not all are worn or some I even forgot about it! lol
Anyway, I think that nothing gonna stop me from owning more shoes and also I've to think of a way to keep my shoes or else my mum will nag me again.lol


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